Outsource Bottling
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Bottling Lines

Our site at Dumbarton, since opening in 2008, now produces over 4M bottles per annum over 5 lines.

Our success is based on our high level of service along with our flexible bottling options which cater both our large and smaller customers ranging from 20cl up to 1 gallon bottles.

We can fulfil a variety of bespoke glass, labelling, and packaging requirements. We work closely with new and existing customers to ensure that all specific requirements are taken into consideration, documented and trialled before we enter production on one of our lines. 

Single Cask Services

Our site at Renfrew provides a bespoke bottling, labelling, and packaging service for Single Cask owners.

We can also provide 70cl whisky bottles along with corks and capsules if required.

We are also offering a range of ancillary services for Single Cask including:

  • Cask Filling
  • Re-racking
  • Re-gauging
  • Decant
  • Reduction
  • Sampling

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